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Save Money, Boost Growth & Increase Creativity with Co-Working

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Co-working culture is establishing itself as a key component of modern business models.

Co-working is increasingly becoming the new norm, fueled by the fact that for many businesses it makes economic sense. Predictions are that the current 16,000 co-working spaces across the globe will increase to over 30,000 by 2022.

Latest research from the UK suggests that as many as 92% of young workers aged 18-24 feel they work best outside of the home. With companies trying to cut costs via flexible working, this data suggests that co-working spaces have a real edge versus working from home.

There are many reasons why working from home can negatively affect performance as well as mental well being. Remaining in the home makes it difficult to separate your private life from work. It also takes a lot of self discipline from staring into the fridge/TV or heading out into the garden along with many other distractions.

Basing yourself in a co-working space helps stop the distractions, increases motivation/productivity and also decreases feelings of isolation which being stuck at home can bring on.

By offering your team members a co-working culture, you can enhance the level of employer-employee trust. This can have a surprisingly powerful impact on the success of your company. Giving the flexibility of co-working to your staff also tells them you trust them to know what they need in order to work with maximum efficiency and creativity.

Help small teams to network and grow

Co-working has the power to help you create valuable relationships with other SME owners or freelancers, supporting a diverse range of collaborative opportunities. Every day gives the chance to meet new contacts, creating relationships that simply would not exist if you were working from home or in a private office.

Many Co-working spaces have networking events organised which help small teams feel part of something bigger. This type of working environment gives space to increase creativity, come up with innovative ideas and create pathways that can boost your company's growth. When you pair entrepreneurs together experiences can be shared and in some ways you can push each other to become more productive going forward.

Generation Z

Younger workers are growing up expecting increasingly flexible working environments. Generation Z, with workers aged 16-24 are intuitively aligned with co-working. This generation feels that a fun working environment is vital for a successful company culture.

Working together

Companies like Google and Facebook have created a new world in what office culture should look like. If your planning on attracting a new wave of talent, then its necessary that you evolve too.

Co-working culture is establishing itself as a key component of modern business models. If your start-up company wants to save money, boost growth, increase creativity and cultivate success in a rapidly evolving world, then it is logical it will benefit from a flexible work ethic in which co-working plays a major role.

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