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What to expect in Coworking in 2019

In Ireland, more and more coworking spaces and ‘innovation hubs’ are opening to cater to a growing army of flexible creators, entrepreneurs, and makers.

Research carried out by Emergent Research suggests that by 2020 there will be four million people working in coworking spaces around the world.

In America, 40% of the workforce will be freelancers, temps, independent contractors and ‘solopreneurs’ by 2020. (According to the American Bureau of Labour Statistics).

The trend is likely to be replicated in Ireland.

CoWork Mallow was started in September 2018 and we are enjoying continued success in the last few months.


Wellness of mind and body will see more value being placed on coworkers. Many coworkers come here to find more positivity in having a community around them as opposed to working from home in solitary confinement! Due to our location in the heart of the town it is a busy hub with Costa Cafe right across the street along with a newly opened, state of the art Gymnasium offering CoWork members discounted rates on membership.

Larger Companies

Independent corworking spaces like CoWork Mallow tend to gear toward small buisnesses, freelancers and entrepreneurs. However, more larger companies have started to realize the value of having remote workers join a coworking community. Larger companies benefit from being able to broaden their labour pool options thereby allowing them to tap into talent from all over the globe. And more and more companies are including a coworking membership allowance with employment benefits.


Technology is not a new trend but with impovements in keyless door access, remote security, conference room booking, remote temperature control, etc., we are seeing easier and more efficient usage of coworking spaces. Additionally, remote coworkers are taking advantage of internal communication tools such as Slack and video conferencing to stay connected to clients and coworkers.

With growth in coworking expected to continue at a rapid pace, taking advantage of advancements in technology will be important. However, at the end of the day, creating community will be the element of coworking that members will find to be the hightest value. The benefits of coworking in making members more motivated and successful will continue to be CoWork Mallow's number one mission and our key to positive growth for our members in the coming years.

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